The breeder's ethics

Local regulations
The breeders are obliged to comply with the veterinary rules and the laws of their country.


Pets maintenance and veterinary care
The breeders must provide their animals with a good maintenance, healthy nutrition and complete veterinary care. If a cat is featuring any illness symptoms it should be examined by a veterinary doctor and get an appropriate treatment.


The maximum permitted number of litters for a female cat is two per year. It must be not less than three months between the two litters.
It is ideal for a cat to give birth once a year.


Sale of kittens
Kittens can not leave their native home until they are 12 weeks old. A kitten must be fully vaccinated and socialized before the transfer to the new owner. It is strongly recommended for breeders to identify their kittens with microchips.


Register of litters and sales contracts
The breeder is obliged to register all born kittens at the club on time and in accordance to the rules of the club in order to obtain the documents about the origin of the animals.
The transfer of kittens to the new owners must be implemented on the base of a sales contract. This contract, in addition to the general sales conditions, must inform the new owner about the rules of pet maintenance and care.

Club's kitten sales ads

At the time of transfer to a new owner all kittens will be conscientiously grown, fully socialized, vaccinated and chipped. Each kitten will have the club registration as well as the the origin documents and a veterinary passport.